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The Mission and Vision of the Ohio Commission on Minority Health

Mission Statement

The Ohio Commission on Minority Health is dedicated to eliminating disparities in minority health through innovative strategies and financial opportunities, public health promotion, legislative action, public policy and systems change.

Vision Statement

The Ohio Commission on Minority Health’s Vision is to achieve health parity among Ohio’s minority populations.


Guiding Principles 

• We involve and empower the community 

• Our work is based on the documented needs and interests of the community 

• We are culturally competent practitioners who are informed about Minority Health 

• We are expected to demonstrate personal and professional integrity: We prove to be accountable, reliable, and guided by ethical standards 

• We make fair and equitable decisions 

• We value the formation of strategic partnerships 

• We establish performance targets and assess performance regularly 

• We promote excellence and innovation

Research Evaluation and Enhancement Program (REEP)

The Research Evaluation and Enhancement Program (REEP) was established in 2005 to address persistent health disparities in Ohio. REEP is supported by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health.

It's purposes are to:


  • Promote health disparity research
  • Facilitate community/academic health research partnerships
  • Improve the evaluation of ethnic/cultural health promotion projects
  • Build the capacity of community organizations that provide health services to minority communities

REEP is overseen by a steering committee composed of community representatives and faculty from other universities in Ohio who assist in carrying out REEP's mission. 

REEP Supports excellence in Minority Health through:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Capacity Building
  • Community Forums
  • Research Partnerships
Contact REEP for More Information
For questions about the REEP Program or its products, please contact:

Dr. Joann Mawasha, Consultant
Wright State University
Phone: 937.775.4359