LOMH Cleveland

In September 2007, the Commission created the first four of seven proposed Local Offices of Minority Health. These offices of been charged with implementing the Core Competencies established by the National Association of State Offices of Minority Health.

Cleveland Office of Minority Health

Agency Contact Information Local Office Contact Information
Kathy Rothenberg-James 
(Acting) Health Commissioner 
Cleveland Department of Public Health
75 Erieview Plaza
Cleveland,  Ohio  44114
Phone: (216) 664­-2362      
Email: krothenberg@city.cleveland.oh.us    
Website: http://www.clevelandhealth.org/               

OCMH Home Page

Frances Mills, MA OCPSII
Director, Cleveland Office of Minority Health
Cleveland Department of Public Health
75 Erieview Plaza
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Phone: (216) 664-3052 

Fax: 216-664-2197

Email: fmills@city.cleveland.oh.us
Website: www.clevelandhealth.org/network/health/minority_health.php