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Resource Documents

New York researchers have found that younger Colorectal Cancer patients
were more likely to be male and black or Hispanic rather than white.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Diseases and Conditions

Multiple Myeloma in the African American Community

Explore the Interactive Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke at

Affordable Care Act Resource Guide

Kirwan Institute / Ohio State Health Disparities Collaborative Resources
Infant Mortality Fact Sheet
Health Disparities Matter
Health Equity Tools: Webinar Preview of Upcoming Tools and Resources

Foundation Launches Online Racial Equity Resource Guide

As part of its America Healing initiative, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation launched an online platform that provides access to extensive learning materials, tools, and data on racial inequities, and collective insights on the process of fostering racial equity in communities. The website allows users to customize their own package of materials on specific topics that fit the needs of an individual or organization. Users can start with a pre-made toolkit or build a new one by filtering by areas of focus, issue areas, or material type.


1985 HHS Report of the Secretary's Task Force on Black & Minority Health (how it all began)
Volume I: Executive Summary
Secretarys Task Force Other Volumes

1986 OCMH Background
1987 Task Force Report to Governor
Twelve Recommendations
Institute of Medicine Report (IOM): Unequal Treatment
HHS Reports
National Partnership for Action (NPA) Toolkit
Culturally Linquistic Appropriate Standards (CLAS) Final Report