Board Members and Designees


Diane Gueits

Term: 2022- September 2, 2023

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Board Members

Repersentative Emilia Sykes, Chairperson, Akron
Gregory Morrison, MD, Vice Chair, Columbus 
Terri Moncrief, MD, Secretary, Clayton

Maureen Corcoran, Director, Ohio Department of Medicaid

Lori Criss, Director, Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services

Celina Cunanan, MSN, APRN-CNM, Shaker Heights

Jeffrey Davis, Director, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities 

Stephanie Siddens, Ph.D, Interim Supreintendent, Ohio Department of Education

Matt Damschroder, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services 

Bruce T. Vanderhoff, MD,  Director, Ohio  Department of Health

Tia Marcel Moretti, LSW, OCPC, Dayton
L. Tony Ortiz, M.Ed, Beavercreek
Diana Gueits, MBA, Avon
Senator Stephanie Kunze, Hilliard

Senator Cecil Thomas, Cincinnati

Department Designees

Jamie Carmichael, Ohio Department of Health

Traci Bell-Thomas, Ohio Department of Medicaid

Tamara Hairston, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Joseph Hill, Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services

Christina May, PhD, Ohio Department of Education

LaToya King, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services